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Nicaragua Coffee

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Whole Bean Coarse (French Press) Medium (Drip) Fine (Espresso)

Direct Trade

Tasting notes: We noted nice floral aromas with notes of plum, red apple and vanilla in the taste with a medium body and well balanced acidity.

Region: Managua

Farm: Finca Idealista and various micro lots in the surrounding area. 

Processing: Washed

Background: Finca Idealista was given the award for excellence in sustainability by the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe in 2016 for its efforts to produce coffee with minimal impact on the ecology and biodiversity of the area. They even purchased the neighboring rainforest in order to protect it. They also have made a significant social impact in the area with their efforts to provide textbooks, school supplies and running water in neighboring schools, offer computer classes, help fund and give credit to neighboring farmers as access to credit is nearly non-existent in this region.

Photo Credit: Gold Mountain Coffee Growers