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Colombia Coffee

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Whole Bean Coarse (French Press) Medium (Drip) Fine (Espresso)

Tasting Notes: Clean and citric with lemongrass, lime, grapefruit, chocolate and cascade hops flavors.

Country: Colombia

Region: Piendamó, Morales, Caldono, Torbio, Cajibio

Farm: Various smallholder farmers making up the Cooperativa Multiétnica Y Pluricultural De Pequeños Caficultores Del Cauca, or COMEPCAFE

Altitude: 1750–2200 meters above sea level

Processing: Fully Washed

Background: This group of farmers work close together, helping each other out during the harvest season, so that they do not have to hire any outside labor. This is especially helpful for those farmers having or seeking organic certification as this is an especially costly endeavor, because in order to be certified organic, they must follow the guidelines and standard practices on all of their crops, not only those they intend to sell. The high altitude, good varieties (including Colombia, Caturra, Castillo, Typica), and meticulous processing (12-hour dry fermentation after depulping, four full washes, and parabolic drying) all attribute to the outstanding quality of this coffee.

Photo Credits: La Bodega


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