What You Can Do With Spent Coffee Grounds or Old Beans

used coffee grounds

At our shop in Johns Creek, we are constantly repurposing our used ground coffee. Often several of our customers take them home for use in their personal gardens. Also, old coffee beans can lose some of their flavor and aroma over time, but they don't necessarily have to go to waste. There are several creative and practical uses for old coffee beans and coffee grounds:

  1. Coffee Scrub: Coffee grounds, whether fresh or old, can be used as an exfoliating scrub. Mix them with a bit of coconut oil, sugar, or sea salt to create a natural scrub for your body. The caffeine can also help improve blood circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  2. Odor Neutralizer: Place a bowl of old coffee beans in your refrigerator or other areas with strong odors. They can help absorb and neutralize unpleasant smells.

  3. Gardening: Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, which makes them a great addition to your compost pile. They can also be sprinkled around acid-loving plants like roses, azaleas, and hydrangeas to provide essential nutrients.

  4. Homemade Candles: If you enjoy making your own candles, you can incorporate old coffee grounds into the wax to create decorative and aromatic coffee-scented candles.

  5. Natural Dye: Coffee can be used as a natural dye for fabric or paper. Soak the beans in hot water and use the resulting liquid to give a rustic, brown tint to your DIY projects.

  6. Cleaning Scrub: Coffee grounds can be abrasive and work well as a natural scrub for cleaning dirty or greasy surfaces, such as pots and pans. They can also help remove stubborn odors from your hands when used as a hand scrub.

  7. Fertilizer for Plants: Coffee grounds, when mixed with other compost materials, can provide essential nutrients to your garden plants. They add organic matter to the soil and help improve soil texture.

  8. Homemade Soaps: If you're into soap-making, you can use coffee grounds as a natural exfoliant in your homemade soap bars.

  9. Repelling Insects: Some gardeners and homeowners use coffee grounds to deter ants and other insects. Sprinkle coffee grounds in areas where you want to keep pests away.

  10. Arts and Crafts: Coffee grounds can be incorporated into arts and crafts projects. You can use them for texture in paintings, create rustic-looking paper, or even make coffee-scented potpourri.

  11. Flavor Enhancer: While not ideal for brewing coffee, old coffee beans can still add a subtle coffee flavor to recipes. Crush them and use them as a seasoning for meat or in recipes like chili, rubs, or sauces.

  12. Home Decor: Fill a decorative jar or vase with old coffee beans to create a fragrant and rustic home decoration piece.

Remember that the degree of freshness and aroma preservation in old coffee beans will vary, so some of these uses may not produce the same results as using freshly roasted beans. Nevertheless, repurposing old coffee beans can be an environmentally friendly and resourceful way to make the most of them.

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