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Cloudland Coffee Company

Honduras Recyclable Coffee Pods

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You can brew our Honduras coffee in your Keurig coffee maker with our coffee pods. Our pods are made in house with our freshly roasted coffee, so that you will get a get tasting cup with each brew. All of our pods are made of recyclable cups. After your brew is complete, remove the lid, discard the coffee grounds into your compost, and then toss the cup into the recycle bin.

1 box contains 10 pods.


Tasting Notes: 

Medium Roast Option: Light bodied, with light acidity. Notes of nuttiness. 

Dark Roast Option: Full bodied with well balanced acidity and notes of dark chocolate and toasted nuts.

Region: Ocotepeque


Varieties: Parainema, Obata, Pacas, Anacafe 14

Certification at Origin: Organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified

Altitude: 1200–1250 meters above sea level

Processing: Washed

Background: From our producer: 

We grow beans on 42 hectares of fertile land with lots of natural shadow. There are old pine trees covering much of our plantation and also the surrounding forest, which creates a cooler, somewhat humid climate. We have planted abundant banana, orange, and lime trees to boost shadow, as well as for personal consumption.

We grow several varieties like Pacas, Anacafé 14, but the dominating varieties are Parainema and Obata.

The farm covers a range of altitudes, between 1,200 and 1,550 meters. We start harvesting our coffees at the lowest altitudes by the end of October and we end with beans on the highest parts around early March, assuring a long-lasting, high quality harvest.