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Cloudland Coffee Company

Colombia Recyclable Coffee Pods

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You can brew our Colombia coffee in your Keurig coffee maker with our coffee pods. Our pods are made in house with our freshly roasted organic coffee, so that you will get a great tasting cup with each brew. All of our pods are made of recyclable cups. After your brew is complete, remove the lid, discard the coffee grounds into your compost, and then toss the cup into the recycle bin.

1 box contains 10 pods.


Tasting Notes: Bright Acidity, medium bodied with caramel, cherry, green tea

Country: Colombia

Region: Ataco, Tolima

Farm: Casa Verde Cooperative

Certification: Organic

Variety: Caturra, Castillo and Colombia

Altitude: 1650 - 1900 meters above sea level

Processing: Fully Washed

Background From Our Importer: 

The Casa Verde growers association was formed in 2003 to work together for the benefit of the community. The group is comprised of 121 farmer members; 23 of whom are female farmers. Together they produce over 600,000kg of coffee each year.

They focus on numerous projects including: productive alliances with the ministry of agriculture; comprehensive filings with the ministry of agriculture; and with the federation of coffee growers, among others.

It is important to highlight the organized and responsible work on the part of each associate who has its benefits and fulfills its duties as that indicates the statutes.

Enjoy a sweet, balanced cup with a silky body and bright acidity.



Shipping & Returns

We take time and care to make sure our coffee gives the perfect aroma.

Orders are made fresh every Monday and shipped out the next day.

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