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Cloudland Coffee Company

Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee

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We are proud to collaborate with Doc Brown Farm and Distillers, a local, family-owned business and the only seed-to-still distillery in Georgia! Our Honduran coffee underwent an aging process in their bourbon-seasoned oak barrels, imparting a smooth, rich flavor of bourbon. Enjoy the coffee black or try it with one of the delicious bourbon creamers from Doc Brown Farms and Distillers for a special treat! To discover their full selection of bourbon and creamers, be sure to visit
Available whole bean or ground, but we highly recommend having us grind the coffee for you. 
Also to note, the labels come in black, red or brown. There is no distinction in the taste or quality of the coffee. These are options for your use as gifts to others or your own personal preference in label colors. 
Available in 12oz or 4oz bags