Local Charities

Local Charities We Support

December Charities Donation Collections

In the spirit of the holiday season, we are collecting donations for three local charities. We want to fill these coffee bags FULL and we need your help! Here are the details:

1.) Angeltree Atlanta: We have adopted two kids and are collecting clothes and toys for these kids to help give them a nice holiday. All donations for this charity need to be in by FRIDAY, DECEMBER 3rd! For more specific details of their lists, call us at (678) 404-5177.

2.) Drake House: We contacted the Drake House to see what they need most, which is toilet paper, paper towels and trash bags. We will be collecting for them until December 15th.

3.) SafeHouse Atlanta: We will be collecting packaged tube socks, packaged adult underwear, men's jeans and dress pants, closed toed work shoes and toiletries. We will be collecting for them also until December 15th. 

If you come in and bring an item to put in our bags, we will give you a free small brewed cup of coffee or the equivalent discount on a drink! Thank you so much for helping us help our community!

Turning Point


TurningPoint’s clinic provides specialized and evidence-based rehabilitation for patients with breast cancer, including physical therapy, massage therapy, counseling and nutritional counseling. The collaboration of clinical services provides each person with hope, support and education in an atmosphere of wellness. Many of TurningPoint’s services are complimentary and a financial assistance program is offered to allow all patients to access care.



The Giving Kitchen

The food service industry has been hit especially hard during this crisis. The Giving Kitchen helps provide financial and social assistance to the food service workers in the Atlanta area. Please learn more on their website:


Atlanta Community Food Bank

The ACFB works with food pantries, community kitchens, youth centers and senior centers to distribute meals and groceries to those in need throughout the greater metro Atlanta area.


 Atlanta Leadership Club

The great people of ALC work directly with local families and have been hard at work buying and delivering groceries to these families who may not necessarily have the transportation or means to so themselves. They work with several families throughout the year through their mission of educating and empowering them through character building aimed at developing them into leaders.


Releash Atlanta

As part of our "Cloudland Canine" program, we support this local dog rescue that is trying hard to keep dogs out of kill shelters, give needed veterinary attention to recovered dogs and then seek out forever homes for them. 


 BrewAble Cafe

The mission of BrewAble Cafe is to provide meaningful employment and community connections for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities by creating opportunities to train, learn and excel as employees in a cafe setting.