Honduras Coffee - Women Coffee Producers

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Tasting Notes: 

Medium Roast Option: Light bodied, with light acidity. Notes of nuttiness. 

Dark Roast Option: Full bodied with well balanced acidity and notes of dark chocolate and toasted nuts.

Region: Ocotepeque

Farm: El Aroma - Dariela Mancia's lot El Mandarino

Varieties: Pacas, Obatá and Parainema

Certification at Origin: Organic

Altitude: 1200–1250 meters above sea level

Processing: Washed


In March of this year, we were supposed to go down to Honduras for the 2020 Producer Roaster Forum to meet with farmers, but Covid-19 forced the event to be cancelled. The farmers though still wanted to connect with the roasters and we were connected to Dariela through our friends at Cafesmo. 

Dariela and her husband Roy each inherited a small piece of land where they grows their coffee. Her plot is call El Mandarino, which is where we get our coffee from. Together they named their finca El Aroma, which stands for Aylin, their daughter’s name, Roy, and Mancia, which is Dariela’s last name.

Photos from Cafesmo and Dariela Mancia.