Honduras Coffee

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Tasting Notes: 

Medium Roast Option: Light bodied, with light acidity. Notes of nuttiness. 

Dark Roast Option: Full bodied with well balanced acidity and notes of dark chocolate and toasted nuts.

Region: San Miguel, La Paz, Marcala

Farm: Cooperativa RAOS

Certification at Origin: Organic

Altitude: 1200–1700 meters above sea level

Processing: Washed

Background from our importer: 

The Cooperativa ROAS has been a source of our women coffee producer coffees in the past. Currently, we are offering coffee from a variety of farmers from the cooperative.

One of the reasons the Cooperativa RAOS is determined to market its women members' coffee is that 60 percent of the women face gender-based legal issues with regards to the ownership of their land, as well as limitations to the credit they can receive to finance the harvest every year. In addition to the program premiums these women receive for this lot, Cooperativa RAOS has many very active educational support programs open to all members. Gender assemblies are held by female members in order to discuss the women's needs, as well as ways of increasing equity within the group and community.

"Gender equity means that women and men have the right to equal and fair access to the use, control, and benefits from the same goods and services of society, as well as to decision-making in the areas of social, economic, and social life, as well as politics." This is Cooperativa RAOS's mission statement with regards to gender, a philosophy that the organization supports through the development of training farms, as well as integrated farm-management programs, and in increasing access to these programs as well as organic-farming support to all members, including the female growers.

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