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Whole Bean Coarse (French Press) Medium (Drip) Fine (Espresso)

Tasting Notes: We found notes of clove and vanilla with the sparkling acidity (typically found in Rwandan coffee) and a full bodied cup.

Country: Rwanda

Region: Mushuba , Rutsiro district, western province

Altitude: 1,600-2,000 meters above sea level

Processing: Washed

Certification: Fair Trade, Rainforest compliant. Organic certification expected April 2018

Background: We are proud to offer this coffee, one of our first direct trade coffees, from the Ejo Heza, a sub-cooperative of the KOPAKAMA cooperative located in the Rutsiro District of Rwanda. The members of the Ejo Heza, which means "bright tomorrow" are all women, who formed this sub-cooperative in 2011.

Here are more details from the cooperative: 

  • As farmers, the women of Ejo Heza are eager to find ways to increase the health of their trees.
  • With a lot of agronomist support provided by KOPAKAMA, the women have been encouraged and are even conducting experiments on the optimization of weeding and mulching techniques.
  • The Ejo Heza members pick coffee together as a group on Tuesdays at their community plot of trees. They remember to only pick the best cherry.
  • The KOPAKAMA washing station, where Ejo Heza cherry is processed, is recognized as well-managed.
  • What do they do with their “bonus” from coffee? Their cooperative helped them start a microcredit savings and lending group in 2016.

    Photo Credit: Ruth Ann Church - Artisan Coffee Imports

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