Tasting Thursdays

Tasting Thursdays
Starting July 1st, we will have coffee tastings at our coffee shop from 12:00pm - 1:00pm. This is an open house type event where you can come and go as you please. We will be offering free samples of the coffee and will discuss with you the topic of the day. During our tastings we will focus on a variety of coffees, roasting techniques, brewing techniques and more! Additionally, the bags of coffee on Thursdays will be on sale for 20% off their retail price! The theme for each date is listed below:
July 1st
Comparing coffees from Central America, Africa and Indonesia
We will be tasting a selection of coffees from each region so you can see and taste the differences in each type of coffee.
July 8th
Roasting differences 
How a coffee is roasted can really affect the taste. In this session we will be taking one type of coffee and roasting it in three different ways. Then we will taste how different the roasting techniques affect the coffee.
July 15th 
How Roast Date and Proper Coffee Storage Affect Taste
As a consumer of coffee, one important factor when selecting a bag of coffee on the shelf is to check the roast date. We will be comparing the taste of a coffee that was roasted a few weeks ago versus a few days ago to see how different they taste. We will also taste coffee that was stored in a sealed container on a shelf in the pantry, versus in the refrigerator to show you how they compare.
July 22nd
Brewing Methods
In this session, we will sample a coffee that was brewed in three different methods and taste the differences in the brewing techniques. Be sure to check out our brewing classes to learn more about how to brew in these different techniques.
July 29th
No Session This Day!