Tasting Thursdays

Tasting Thursdays
Each Thursday, we will have an open-house style tasting at our coffee shop from 12:00pm - 1:00pm. We will be offering free samples of the coffee and will discuss with you the topic of the day. During our tastings we will focus on a variety of coffees, roasting techniques, brewing techniques and more! Additionally, the bags of coffee on Thursdays will be on sale for 20% off their retail price! The theme for each date is listed below:
September 2nd
On our first tasting in September, we will be sampling the coffee we got in recently from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 
September 9th
At this tasting we will be tasting our latest women coffee producer coffee from Honduras. This coffee comes from the farm of Marcel Valle.
September 16th
Brewing techniques - the aeropress. Kristina will be demonstrating the aero press brewing methods during this tasting.
There will be no tastings on September 23rd and 30th.