Papua New Guinea

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Tasting Notes: Clean and bright acidity, earthy, apricot, chocolate, toffee tasting notes.

Country: Papua New Guinea

Region: Purosa

Farm: The Highland Organic Agriculture Cooperative (HOAC Co-Op).

Certification: Organic, Fair Trade

Variety: Bourbon, Typica, Arusha

Altitude: 2000 meters above sea level

Processing: Fully Washed

Background From Our Importer: 

Highland Organic Agriculture Cooperative (HOAC) is one of the oldest Fairtrade Certified organisations in Oceania. There are presently 2604 village farmers registered and living amongst the 32 village communities spread over 500 square kilometers in the Purosa valley region. These growers support about 12,000 family members and, as interest grows, it is expected that a further 5,000 growers will sign up with the HOAC over the next two years. Coffee is the only cash crop for these people apart from a few local vegetables.The HOAC/Fairtrade members are all village growers who tend their small plots of coffee and individually process in their villages following organic and sustainable agricultural practices. Central processing facilities for cherry coffee have not evolved because of the long distance that needs to be traveled. The construction of these facilities may come in the future as road access improves.